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Start with dessert!  Your tummy will thank you.  

Cake for Breakfast (c) is a revolutionary intuitive eating program for women.  It is not a diet program, though weight loss is often a happy result experienced by our clients.  You decide what foods you want to eat, and how much.  We offer guidelines and principles, no harsh, rigid rules or guilt if you skip a day or life gets in the way.  

We throw out dieting rules and requirements and do NOT recommend denying yourself the foods you crave.  Instead, we encourage mindful awareness of the foods you are eating, and how you feel, emotionally and physically, when eating the foods you love.  If you love pasta, no problem.  


Throw out diets and rules about food that make you say no to the foods you love!  Right now... not tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.  Right now!  I know, it feels scary right?  As if all of the rules are somehow keeping you from completing losing it, and eating everything in sight.   Part of the problem with dieting is we forget to trust ourselves to make good decisions, and somehow feel bad about ourselves if we don't follow them every day.   

(c) Eat Cake for Breakfast is not a diet... it's a plan, an intuitive eating and "love myself" lifestyle plan.   No rules telling you what you can and cannot eat, guilt for not following the rules, or being forced to eat foods you don't like just to lose a few pounds.  Eat Cake for Breakfast is based on cutting edge scientific research about our emotional relationship to food, /

Do you want to eat everything you crave, and have the flat tummy you long for?  Would you love to slip into your skinny jeans without worrying if they will fit?  Buy clothes off the rack without needing to try them on first?  


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