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Start Your Day... with Cake!

Too often we deny ourselves the things we long for.... because we are told they are bad for us, or that we should feel guilty for indulging in them.  If I had a nickel for every time an adult has said, "wait till after dinner, you'll spoil your appetite".  Instead of pouting, ask yourself, why can't you have cake with your morning coffee?  Why must you wait until after dessert?  Because the part of us that wants to be good little girls and follow the rules thinks we will be considered "bad" or we will gain 15 pounds if we have sugary dessert for breakfast.  

Here's the hard truth about novelty items... their appeal wears off if we have them every day.  Let me repeat that.  Their allure and our desire to have them wears off if we get to have them all of the time.  Yet, when we deny ourselves the thing we most want, we build up the fantasy in our mind of how it will feel once we have it.  Sure, it's great for a while... until we stop wanting it or it becomes the norm.  

Cake for Breakfast is a gut-led, intuitive eating and happiness program.  Currently, the book and workbook for the program is being written.  This program emphasizes:


-  eating foods you love (without the guilt

- giving yourself permission to break food rules
- ditching diet culture

- moving your body in fun, playful ways

- earning what feeling full feels like

- letting go of stress, perfectionism and self-loathing
- saying hello to happiness and joy at any size
- loving your gut and making it work for you
- saying goodbye to toxic thinking (and people)

- creating, clarifying, and setting personal goals


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