Why I Chose NOT to Be a Certified Life Coach

Let me be honest... CLIENTS want RESULTS more than they will ever care about your credentials. They want to know that you are worth every penny and that you will help them be successful and get the results they are looking for. That's it... that's all they really want.

Too many life coaching certification programs claim to be accredited and are unable to give you a straight answer when you ask about their accreditation process. I've been helping people transform their lives since 2001!

I've worked in Tennessee, Missouri, and Kansas teaching life skills to children and teens, nonaggressive parenting and discipline skills to parents at risk of losing their children. I've also been a foster care worker, resource worker, therapeutic foster care case manager, DBT- Informed Play Therapist, expert panelist for Lady Gaga's Foundation, professional speaker for the National Alliance for Mental Illness, and life coach. I've helped women love their bodies, say goodbye to dieting forever, and learn to love themselves, flaws and all. I've helped them start over after divorce, separation, or toxic relationships and overcome depression, anxiety, and self-loathing.

Additionally, I grew up with a mentally ill parent and understand the impact of mental illness on families in a deeply personal way. I've also been a licensed mental health professional and see mental health from many angles.

Honestly, I'm adeptly trained in the areas in which therapy and life coaching intersect and more qualified, in many ways, than instructors in life coaching certification programs. I'd rather invest my time and resources in my clients, than spending thousands of dollars on a legit life coach certification program I could likely teach myself.

Don't get me wrong... I love to learn, improve my skills, and stay up-to-date on current research. I just don't think going through a life coaching program to get "certified" is the best use of my time and resources. Sure, I'll take a class here and there to improve my skills. After 20+ years of helping people, getting a certification in something I already have the skills to do does not seem practical.

With gratitude,

Sara Minges, M.S.

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