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Stuffed Avocado

Weight Loss Coaching is NOT nutrition coaching.  I've never design a meal plan for you or talk about how much you can eat, when you can eat, or what foods to avoid. 


I say this because you don't really want to lose weight.  Not really.  What you want is to slide into your favorite pair of jeans or little black dress, and know you're a hottie.  

I may talk with you about the real science behind weight loss, creating and sticking with new habits, and the benefits of walking.  If you like, I may even share a recipe or two.  We'll talk about gut health, regulating your blood sugar, being kind to your gut, and why eating a variety of foods is important, after we work together to clarify your weight loss and body love goals.  

You can work with me a session at a time, or commit to a package of sessions finely tuned to help you achieve your goals and feel happier about your life.  I've been helping people create lives they love since 2001.  I'm also a formerly licensed therapist of 10 years and understand the psychology behind losing weight, loving yourself, and holding clients accountable, encouraging and supporting them as they achieve their goals.  



For more info check out our Goddess Plan page!

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