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Always remember...

You are fabulous!   

I see a badass!

STORIES MATTER... and the stories we tell ourselves matter most!  


We are often our own worst critic!  Stories are how we connect with others and about ourselves.  Stories we tell ourselves can inspire us to be better, do better or believe we can rise above our challenges, and be happy.  Or they can knock us down and make us feel stuck, hurt or overwhelmed.  Many life stories also involve shame, loneliness, guilt, and feelings of being unworthy of love.  


Loving our "lassos of truth" and sharing our stories kills shame!  Shame cannot grow in the presence of vulnerability and authenticity.  



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The Goddess Plan

Learn to Love Your Body

Inside & Out


Mindful Life Coaching

Teach Your Mind To Slow Down

and Love Your Life 


Dating/Relationship Coaching

Creating the Love Life You Want



We offer specialized life coaching services for teen girls and women, ages 14-45, struggling with body shaming, self-loathing, perfectionism, unhappiness and toxic relationships.  We help our clients reclaim their personal power, contain their kryptonite and embrace their "inner goddess".  

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