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Everyone has an origin story... 

Is yours full of tragedy or triumph?  

You are worthy of love and happiness even if other people have made you believe you don't deserve to live a life of joy and abundance.  Wonder Woman Rising helps women embrace their "inner goddess" by learning to love their "lasso of truth" and letting go of shame and self-loathing.  


Stories matter.  When we share our stories, we let go of shame and experience a deep love for ourselves and the people and places around us.  We offer a safe space for people to unload their emotional baggage, fears, worries and limiting beliefs blocking them from experiencing deep, fulfilling lives.  We help our clients say goodbye to grief, resentment and emotional hurts, reclaim their inner superpowers, learn to contain their kryptonite, and rewrite their personal stories.  

WONDER WOMAN RISING helps women (and men too!)

  • let go of shame and self-loathing

  • find the courage to be themselves

  • rediscover their superpowers

  • embrace their "inner Wonder Woman"

  • own, love and share their personal stories.  

Services Include: 
  • Life, Relationship & Wellness Coaching
  • Consultation
  • Evaluation
  • Peer Support & Mentorship

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