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 your  WONDER WOMAN wants to be UNLEASHED!


I empower women to free themselves from perfectionism, self-loathing and body shaming through

coaching and transformational storytelling.  

You want to work with me if...

  • You know you are destined for great things.

  • You are tired of the 9-5 mindless grind.

  • You want to be creative and spread joy in the lives of others.

  • You want to enjoy going to work instead of counting the minutes until you can leave.

  • You are 98% certain your constant headaches are a result of your less than qualified boss taking credit for your hard work.

  • You believe you can be a successful entrepreneur and even when everyone around you says you won't.

  • You're stuck in a relationship going nowhere and are trying to find the courage to leave.

  • You're tired of being single and have do idea how to successfully date.

  • You keep pouring your heart into the wrong people and relationships.

  • You want to develop your inner superpowers and learn how to contain your kryptonite.

  • You want to get paid for doing the things you love.

  • You are tired of playing it safe and not being challenged at work.

  • You have no idea how to set limits and boundaries with the people in your life without feeling awful.

  • You want to get your mojo back!

  • You are tired of saying "someday" to the things you want to do.

  • "Adulting" has you overwhelmed and you need a friendly coach to help keep you on track.

  • You want to "clear the clutter" in your emotional and physical spaces.

  • You are starting over after a breakup/separation or divorce.  

  • You've tried therapy before but just felt stuck in focusing on the past, instead of the present or future.

  • You want to learn skills for being happy and creating a joyful, happy life, and not ruminating about the past.  



"Sara Minges is Wonder Woman. Her mission and vision to promote self-love while letting go of shame and self-loathing is enormous and courageous. She is utilizing her superpowers to make this world a better place with her extensive expertise and credentials." - Aaron T., Edmonton, CA


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