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the goddess plan

The Goddess Plan is not a diet... it's the exact opposite!  Diets have lots of rules, things you can't do, foods you can't eat.  Foods are labeled as "good" or "bad".  Diets often tell you to cut the carbs and eat more protein.   if that's what you are looking for, move on!

Why The Goddess Plan is Different
The Goddess Plan is different... than any other diet or food plan you have tried.  You don't have to eliminate or restrict any food group... and you get to eat everything you want

Eat all the foods you love... without the guilt!  Cake, cookies, pastries, donuts, pies, and pasta are not the enemy.   Impulsivity, stress or emotional eating, and bad eating habits are the problems.  If your gut is working right, you'll get rid of those extra calories in a day or two. 

Most of us gain weight because we have a HABIT of OVEREATING, OVERINDULGING, or consistently eating when we are NOT HUNGRY. 

The Goddess Plan is a gut-love, anti-diet, self-esteem program for teen girls and women.  You can either participate in private coaching sessions or as a group.  We recommend you complete all sessions in order to have the best chance of success.   Core components include:
- gut health and the importance of probiotics
-understanding what foods you gut can easily digest and what foods to avoid
- health and wellness benefits of moving your body
-exploring your motivation for eating/not eating
- why eating smaller meals is better for your gut
- how to understand when you are hungry/full
- why stress will sabotage your efforts to love weight
- skills for loving yourself even when others don't 

To APPLY for this program, email Sara at  


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