3 Tips to Lose Weight and Eat Everything You Want!

I'm a passionate advocate for gut health AND bringing back "Taco Tuesdays"! Don't forget the chips and guac! Yes, you can lose weight AND have the foods you love! Kick those diets to the curb and listen to your body instead. You'll feel so much better, trust me!

Here's the reason why diets don't work - they deny us, indefinitely, of the foods we crave. Part of the joy of eating is savoring your food and continuing to enjoy the foods you love. Ask any person recovering from COVID who has lost their sense of taste or smell. They'll tell you food tastes like cardboard and they desperately miss tasting their food. Or they will tell you the exact moment their taste came back. For me, it was tasting the blood orange chocolate sphere my parents dropped off on my porch on Christmas Eve. I was still in isolation, sleeping 12 hours a day, and feeling sad and disappointed I couldn't see my family on my favorite holiday. Since that day, I've been extremely grateful I can fully enjoy food again.


Gut health is the magic sauce to losing weight and being happy. 90% of the "feel good" neurochemicals we make are produced in our guts. So... when your gut isn't happy, your heart struggles to be happy too. Too often, we overload our gut with foods and additives it doesn't like. Eventually, your gut will start to rebel. This is often why you feel bloated or sluggish after eating fried foods, or find yourself spending too much time in the bathroom after meals.

Intuitive eating involves understanding what foods your gut likes, what time of day you prefer to eat meals and mindful awareness of times when you may be overeating.

Mindful awareness of your eating patterns, stress levels, sleep quantity and foods you consistently consume go a long way in helping you achieve your ideal weight. Here are 5 tips for mindful eating:

1. Invest in a calorie AND step tracker!

Humans are "not good" with accurately assessing how many hours of restful sleep they get each night, and if they are eating healthy foods without some sort of way to record or track this information.

Three years ago I invested in a FitBit, and am so grateful I did! My Fitbit tracks how many hours I of sleep, number of steps, reminds me if I haven't moved each hour, celebrates when I achieve my daily step goal, and lets me know if I have a text message or email waiting.

I also love the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. One of the best apps I've seen, MyFitnessPal lets you record your food and drink for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. I love the pie chart showing the nutritional value of each meal, overall nutritional value and my goals for each based on my ideal weight. I can also record overall steps and calories burned info from my FitBit.

2. Keep a Food Journal

Food journals are a great tool for assessing how your body responds to the foods you eat. Do you have more energy, feel bloated, or find yourself still hungry after eating certain foods? Are you eating certain foods because people keep telling you they are good for you? Or are you eating foods you enjoy?

3. Write Morning Pages

Morning pages is a writing activity created by Julie Cameron, a recovering alcoholic, artist and author of The Artist's Way. Basically, write 3 pages about anything first thing in the morning, or whenever you are the most productive. For some, this is 6am; for others, it may be 2:00pm.

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Sara Minges, M.S. is a health and wellness coach, life coach, global speaker and author. She's also the Founder of Wonder Woman Rising, Playful Awareness, a former panelist for Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation and speaker for NAMI.

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