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5 Tips to Break Bad Habits

Habits are the foundation of our daily lives. They are behaviors we choose to repeat day in and day out every single day, week, month, and year. If you are not achieving your goals, or are unhappy with your life, it is likely because of the habits you have chosen.

Your brain does not know the difference between good or bad habits. It only recognizes familiar and unfamiliar behaviors.. Starting a new behavior and making it a habit is hard at first, because it is new, different, and unfamiliar. Over time, our brain adjusts to the new behavior if it is repeated over and over again.

Research shows it takes 66 days to form a new habit. So, before you start creating a long list of behaviors you want to change, think about what you are willing to do for the next 3 months to achieve your goal. Yes, it could take less than 3 months but it's not very likely.

Here are 5 tips to break bad habits

  1. Journal or Reflect on the Life You Want Get clear about the exact life you want to live. From the house you live in, the color on the walls, backyard and neighborhood. Set a specific income you want to achieve, your ideal relationship, whatever your goal is, get super clear about what you want.

  2. Identify What Habits Are Stopping You From the Life You Want We all have bad habits. Identify the top 3 habits holding you back from your dream life.

  3. Choose 1-3 Habits to Change Ask yourself what habits you are willing to give up to have your dream life. You can't get what you want till you give up the thing that is holding you back from success.

  4. Identify A Good Habit to Replace Your Bad Habit Identify 3 new behaviors you are committed to starting and continuing for the next 3 months.. It's too easy to go back to a bad habit, if you don't replace it with a positive healthy habit.

  5. Show Yourself Compassion and Grace Progress not perfection. You will have days that you don't want to do the thing you committed to. Do it anyway... or give yourself a break if you need a day off. Just be sure to make it a day off, not 2 or 3 days.

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DISCLAIMER: Wonder Woman Rising does not offer professional medical advise or therapy. Information provided is based on current scientific research and 20+ years of experience working with clients, however this article was not written by a licensed professional.

About the Author:  Sara Minges, B.A., M.S., is a former therapist. She's also the Founder of Wonder Woman Rising, a wellness and relationship coach with 23 years of experience working with adults and families, 4x Author, Consultant, Mentor, and Touring Poet. She's worked with Lady Gaga's Foundation, NAMI, and has been featured in Nashville Voyager Magazine,,; The Gifters, First Generation, and iheart radio podcasts. Sara resides in Nashville, TN with her two beloved orange tabby cats Honey and Tazzy.

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