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How Emotional Baggage May Be Destroying Your Relationship

Is your closet full of perfectly stacked organized suitcases filled with old emotional baggage? Suitcases you haven't opened in 10 years because you're afraid of what might fall out if opened? Time to pop the lock and open the zippers and let it all out.

Here are 3 signs your emotional baggage is interfering with your current relationship:

Trust Issues

Secure relationships require trust, empathy, and appreciation. Trusting relationships are built over time, based on millions of mini moments over time. Sometimes it can be hard to trust a new partner, especially if you were cheated on in the past.

Partner Pleasing

Do you find yourself saying yes to your partner and staying silent about your own needs or wants? Do you blame yourself for what went wrong in your past relationship or are you afraid your new partner will leave you too? If so, you might be in a codependent relationship.

Fear of Abandonment

Sometimes unresolved issues with parents can interfere with romantic relationships. If your dad cheated on your mom and left when you were young, you may be worried your partner will do the same. You might also question if you are worthy of love.

Be honest with your partner. Trust yourself, take a risk, and let them know how you are feeling and what you need from them to feel secure in your relationship. Partners worth keeping will listen to your needs and do what they can to help you feel secure. If they dismiss your concerns, they may not be the partner you need.

Sara Minges is a relationship and life coach for women, global speaker, author, and Founder of Wonder Woman Rising. A former therapist, she's worked with Lady Gaga's Foundation, Born This Way, NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness), yahoo parenting, Lawrence Journal World, KMBC, Fox4 News, and The Gifters and First Generations podcasts. Based in Kansas City, Sara now lives and works in Nashville, TN.

To book Sara for an event or coaching session, or share topics for upcoming podcasts, send an email to To follow Sara, subscribe to her Youtube Channel at

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