What Will You Give Up?

Baggage will break your back if you let it... and prevent you from being happy.

Living a happy life requires the creation of a happy plan; daily habits and choices that support a life you love. We cannot live happy lives without letting go of things, people, and habits that no longer make us happy.

You can't create a happy plan unless you are 100% honest with yourself about what contributes to joy and gratitude in your life and what doesn't, and get super clear about your life purpose.

Do you have any unhealthy or toxic habits or behaviors you want to stop? If yes, do you really want to stop them, and have you made the active decision to let them go?

Here are some common habits many people think they want to stop:

- procrastination

- going to bed late/getting up late

- avoiding unpleasant feelings or situations

- lack of clear boundaries in personal relationships

- giving in to the demands of others

- saying yes out of a sense of duty or obligation, or worry about others will think

- trying to please everyone

- roller coaster dieting

- binge eating

- drinking too much

- working too much

- feeling disconnected

- toxic relationships

- codependency

- pretending to be perfect

- changing how you act to fit in

What Will You Choose?

Good news... you are the mastermind and creator of your happy life!!! You, and you alone, are 100% responsible for designing a life you love, and who and what you want to give your time, love, loyalty and resources to. Are you willing to make excuses for other people and devote your emotional energy to being hurt when they don't meet your expectations? Or are you willing to choose to have tough, tender, uncomfortable conversations with people in your life in order to deepen your relationships or let go of relationships that no longer bring you joy?

What does your "adulting" life look like? What areas have you included in your happy life plan and what things have you left out? Have you asked yourself the following questions?

- how will you pay your bills on time without forgetting?

- how will you make sure you have enough money to pay your bills?

- what are the minimum and maximum number of hours per week you will devote to work tasks?

- how will you practice self care and take care of yourself?

- how many hours of sleep with you commit to every night? Will you give yourself a weekend/vacation pass?

- will you commit to healthy mindful eating?

- how will you spend extra money each month? Does it depend on the month?

- do you have an entertainment budget?

- do you have a Starbucks coffee/pastry budget?

- how will you stay physically healthy? Will you join a gym/hire a personal trainer?

- do you have an accountability partner?

- if you have a bad day, will you still work your happy plan?

- will you give yourself permission to have a bad day?

- how will you take care of your mental wellness needs?

- how will you be there for your kids emotionally, even when you want to scream?

- how will you teach your kids to be self-sufficient?

- how will you teach your teenager "roommate skills"?

- how will you make time for alone time with your spouse or romantic partner?

- if you are single, do you know what your dating goals are?

- what type of person are you looking for?

- do you know how you handle stress/intense emotions?

- how do you want your partner to handle stress/intense emotions?

These questions are not a comprehensive list. Rather, they are intended to help you think about the life you want to have and boundaries and habits needed to create and maintain the life you love.

Perfecting the thing called "adulting" sounds great, right? You're probably telling yourself it can't be that hard, right? Wrong! Creating lasting "adulting" habits requires dedication, commitment and consistency for the rest of your life. You heard me! This isn't something you can try for a few months and stop. These are lifelong habits you are creating. Making a list of all the things you want to change can be helpful. However, it's more realistic to think about what you are willing to do and not willing to do, and how often you can repeat these behaviors without being hard on yourself.

Questions About Life Coaching or Creating Happy Lives?

Sara loves to share happy tips for living your dreams. After 20+ years of helping people, she's got an awesome toolbox and doesn't mind sharing! Connect with her via email at or via Facebook, or Instagram!

Want to start living your happy life today?

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Sara Minges, M.S., is a former LPC/play therapist; life coach; speaker and mentor. She's the Founder of Wonder Woman Rising and Playful Awareness, author of 3 inspirational poetry books for women, and Creator of The Goddess Plan, an Intuitive Eating and Happiness Plan. She's been a featured guest on The Gifters and First Generations podcasts based in Beverly Hills, CA and Alberta, CA. She's a much sought after speaker and consultant for clients around the world. To book her for your next event, send an email to with "Speaker Request" in the title.

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