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How to Lose Weight in 2024

Lose more in 2024! Ditch those dieting habits that are holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off long-term.

Let's revisit those resolutions you made on New Year's Day. I bet you got all excited to make changes to your life in the hopes of losing weight and being healthier, only to become overwhelmed a week later with all the things you agreed to change.

Real weight loss sustained over time requires motivation, devotion, and dedication to making and sticking with what, how, and when you eat food.

Don't worry, you can lose weight without:

  • counting calories

  • point systems

  • giving up foods you love

  • feeling bad about eating bread or carbs

  • joining a gym or fitness program

  • working with a nutritionist or personal trainer

  • weight loss medications or injections

It's also very unlikely you will lose weight and keep it off without working with a weight loss coach. Can you lose weight? Yes! Will you keep it off without accountability? Probably not. Motivation and accountability are two crucial elements of weight loss.

Weight Loss Coaching

Weight loss coaches offer a unique perspective to weight loss. They are not nutritionists, personal trainers, or medical professionals. Yet they understand how emotions affect food decisions, weight loss and creating healthy habits.

Weight loss coaches:

  • help clients clarify and identify their weight loss and wellness goals

  • identify bad habits related to food and disordered eating

  • hold clients accountable for completing tasks to achieve their goals

  • help clients understand what motivates them to start/stop eating

Sometimes, weight loss coaches are also educators, and peer support specialists. They may also do the following:

  • teach skills for mindful eating

  • teach clients to recognize when they are hungry or full

  • teach clients to trust their guts and bodies

  • help clients love themselves

  • teach stress reduction exercises

It's easy to get excited about losing weight. Imagining how much better you will feel once you shed unwanted belly fat. It's a lot harder to stay motivated and committed to new behaviors and healthy habits to maintain weight loss.

Before you read the following list of weight loss tips, ask yourself the following:

  • What new behaviors am I willing to start today and still be doing in six months?

  • Does my current lifestyle support the health changes I want to make

  • What am I willing to give up in order to lose weight

  • Am I committed to making long-term lifestyle changes?

Okay, here's the much anticipated list of weight loss tips. A word of caution, don't make too many behavioral changes right away. Get really good at 1-3 changes. You can always add more later.

  • ditch your diet

  • stop labeling foods as "good" or "bad"

  • give yourself permission to eat all of the foods you love when you are hungry

  • stop eating foods you love when you are full

  • only eat foods your tummy likes

  • get 7-8 hours of sleep per night

  • let go of things you can't control

  • savor each bite and enjoy the moment

  • pay attention to how it feels when you move your body

  • if your stomach wants to hurl after eating a certain food, stop eating that specific food

  • take a probiotic at least once a day

  • focus on waist to hip ratio, not BMI or numbers on a scale

  • cut out stress as much as possible. Life is too short.

  • consider limiting the amount of processed foods you eat per week

  • consider limiting trips through the drive-thru

  • plan out your meals for the week on Saturday/Sunday

  • go grocery shopping on a full stomach

  • only eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full

  • consider increasing your steps by 500 per day

  • consider using My Fitness Pal to help you see what foods you are eating/ how many calories each day

  • stand up and walk around your living room during tv commercials

  • be kind to yourself. Weight loss is a process of multiple consecutive marathons, not a single 50 yard dash

Sara Minges is a Weight Loss Wellness Coach, Creator of The Goddess Plan, Founder of Wonder Woman Rising, and a body positivity poet. She's also a formerly licensed therapist with 24 years of experience as a wellness and family coach. To book Sara for a future talk, workshop, or poetry event, send an email to

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