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      Wonder Woman Rising offers several payment options for clients:


                *  pay as you go
 ​  monthly plans
                *  3 and 6 month plans


       Gold, Silver, and Bronze tier level plans based on the level of service                           they desire.  

       *** Please note: Pricing for Individual sessions is higher than package pricing                   and subject to cancellation fees.   


       *** This difference in price reflects additional time and resources used for                         planning and preparing for sessions with clients who have not committed to               future sessions.

       ***  Clients paying weekly will be charged the full fee of their session 2 business                days prior to their session date.  Our business office closes at 5pm, so any                  cancellations received via email or phone will be entered the following                        business day.  


       ***  Pay-as-you-go clients will be charged their full session fee for late                                cancellations or No Shows.  Clients signed up for packages will not be                        subject to a late fee.        



New Client Appointment                      $200 up to 75 minutes

Individual Session: Pay-as-You-Go          $200 up to 60 minutes


6 Month Plan/24 Sessions                      $3,600/$4,800 (Pay Weekly)
3 Month Plan/12 Sessions                      $1,800/$2,400 (Pay Weekly)
1 Month Plan/4 Sessions                        $600/$800      (Pay Weekly)

   *Based on 60 minute sessions    

GOLD (BASIC + Unlimited Phone/Email + Blog Article
       $4,000 (6 MO)           $2,200 (3 MO)        $1,000 (1 MO)

SILVER (Basic + Phone/Email - 3 phone calls/mo)
      $3,900 (6 MO)            $2,100 (3 MO)         $900 (1 MO)

BRONZE (Basic, No Extras) 
      $3,600 (6 MO)            $1,800 (3 MO)         $600 (1 MO)

***Rates are based on 60 minute sessions.  Clients will be charged an additional pro-rated amount for sessions over 60 minutes, due at the time of service.  

** Research shows it takes 66 days, on average for a new behavior to become an automatic habit.  This is based on a new behavior being repeated daily.  We recommend our clients commit to 3 months of weekly sessions in order to make the changes they want.  


2402 Charlotte Ave., Ste. 313,Nashville, TN 372 03


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