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Poetry Performance, In One Ear, 2019


Poetry Heals...

Poetry, walking barefoot, and breathing are the three things I need to feel connected to my life and the world around me.  For many people, poetry feels like therapy.  Through the use of metaphor, poetry allows us to say the things we are otherwise afraid to admit or say out loud.  

Since 2006, I've been baring my soul in back alley bars, coffee shops, bookstores, and wineries in major US cities.  Years ago, I wrote a poem called "Naked Toes" about the joy of driving barefoot.  I've noticed that each time I read this poem, the audience pays attention and often laughs.  Laughter is good for the soul! It's also a great stress reliever!  

I'll be adding body love and self-esteem poems to the website.  Many of them will also appear in How to Fight Barbie... and Win, my latest collection published through Alien Buddha Press.  Some of the poems have also appeared previously in Naked Toes and Whiskey Sweet.   


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