Coaching Helps You

Let Go of

Emotional Baggage

Our Client's #1 Question:

What is Coaching?

Coaching is amazing!  Unlike therapy, where the goal is to process intense feelings, coaching is ACTION ORIENTED, BEHAVIOR FOCUSED goal completion!  Coaching provides the tangible tips, tools and techniques to help you improve your life TODAY, not tomorrow. 


COACHING  does not require  degrees, certifications or licenses, however all of our staff have advanced degrees in psychology with 10+ years experience helping others in social services/life goal planning..

CONSULTATION involves a client sharing a concern or issue they are struggling with, and a consultant providing direct suggestions and advice on how to overcome the issue they are facing.  Often, consultation and coaching services are interconnected, depending on the issue.  

PEER SUPPORT is when a person meets with a client going through similar issues they have experienced and sharing the personal experience and tips on how they overcame/learned to manage their issue.  

All of the services mentioned above can help with the following issues:

     -  replace mindful eating with intuitive, body and heart centered intuitive              eating

     -  create, manage and maintain personal boundaries (work, relationships,              family, finances)

     -  teach effective parenting techniques to help stop nagging your kids                   and enjoy spending time with them.

     -  overcoming anxiety, worry and sadness and increase joy in your daily                 lives

     -   love yourself more by letting go of self-judgments and limiting beliefs