Saying Goodbye to Perfection Will Make You Happier

Updated: May 27, 2020

"Want to be happy? Stop trying to be perfect."

- Brene Brown

Happiness is this brilliant ball of joy, hope, vulnerability, bravery, self love, gratitude and imperfections all mixed together. It is the by product of owning our personal stories, believing we are worthy of happiness and love and having the courage to fail again and again.

Happy people have special aura about them. It's i the spring in their step, the glint in their eye, their genuine smile and laughter. They make you believe they could overcome any hardship in their lives, the confidence that truly comes from knowing they are worthy of love. They constantly strive to improve themselves and they give themselves permission to make mistakes.

Happy people lead full, engaging lives. They feel "all the feels", and dig deep in order to have a greater understanding of the people they are and the people they want to be. They also explore beliefs they have that limit their ability to feel connected to others and be their best selves. They value themselves enough to put themselves first and avoid sacrificing themselves to please others.

Does This Suitcase Tower Overwhelm YOU?

This is what happens when you compartmentalize your feelings and emotional experiences. Before you know it, things start to pile up and you feel overwhelmed by the burden of it all. At some point, you realize you need to do something but you are not sure where to start or if it will make you feel better.

Want To Start Letting Go?

Here are a few questions to help get you started:

1. What are the pros and cons to holding on to emotional baggage, regrets and fears? We only do things when there is a positive beneficial outcome. What is preventing you from saying goodbye and letting go?

2. What is your greatest fear in working through and letting go of baggage? Are you asking yourself, "Am I good enough?" Is fear of being hurt again preventing you from letting go of sadness you've been carrying around with you? Are you exhausted ores it sometimes feel hard to breathe? Has your self-doubt taken over?

3. Is it okay to make mistakes or fail? Do you fee like you need to be perfect?

4. Will acknowledging past mistakes/regrets kill you? Yes, it will likely be unpleasant but will it kill you?

Now, the Fun Part Begins!

Here are a few ideas to help you create kind, gentle goals in 2020:

1. Create a list of the things, activities and people that make you happy.

Be very specific! If you love the taste of coffee, include what flavor, time of day, brand or favorite coffee shop.

2. Imagine your perfect day.

Close your eyes and imagine your best day.

Will you have breakfast? Who will you share it with?

Will you eat inside or outside, at home or a restaurant?

What comes next? What will make it your best day?

3. Clear The Clutter Starting With the Bathroom Sometimes, letting go starts with the bathroom. Pick a shelf and remove half of it, laying it all on the counter. Throw away everything with an old expiration date. While you're at it, toss out everything you haven't used in six months, unless it is a seasonal item. Pause! Give yourself a high five!

Look intently at the remaining items. Pick up each one. Hold it in your hand, focus on how it makes you feel, if you like it or dislike it. If it does not bring you joy, toss it too! Honor the items you have released. Take a break, do the same for the rest of the shelf in a day or two.

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-Sara Minges, M.S., Life Coach

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